Wood Wool Acoustic Panel

Wood wool panels
Balaji Wood Wool Board

Balaji Wood Wool Boards

Balaji wood wool acoustic panels for walls and ceilings are made from pine wood fibers and magnesite cement. The boards act as a sound absorbers, absorbing sound waves and preventing reverberation. This makes the room quieter and can help to reduce noise coming from the outside or other parts of the house.



The board is essentially used for side walls and ceilings in auditoriums, multiplexes, theatres, stadiums, home-theatre, schools, offices, malls, airports, hotels, railway stations, and many more. Wood wool boards are also used for partitioning and false ceilings.


  • Standard Sizes: 4′ X 2′ x 25 mm , 4′ X 2′ x 20 mm ,4′ X 2′ x 15 mm
  • We can also make boards up to 50mm as per the requirement
  • Minimum density 400kg/m3
  • Available in Natural Texture or colour’s as per requirement
Wood wool Boards fitted in Hotel

Advantages of using wood wool boards:

  • They are easy to install
  • They are good sound absorbers
  • They have high NRC value hence used as a soundproofing building material
  • They are made using eco-friendly materials and hence are nontoxic
  • They are fire resistant
  • They are durable and termite proof hence are long-lasting.
  • They can be easily installed on a grid system.

Wood wool board Installation Process

Installing wood wool acoustic boards is one of the best ways to improve the sound quality in a room and make it a more pleasant environment. 

  • The first step in installing wood wool acoustic boards is to measure the space where the boards will be installed. Measure the length, width, and height of the wall that the boards are to be fitted. This will help you determine how many boards you need. 
  • Wood wool boards can be easily screwed to the wall directly. This type of installation is common and widely used for side walls and ceilings. This is a cost-effective method.
  • Another method of installing on side walls is using the GI framework or wooden batten fixed to the wall with the help of screws. 
  • To increase the frequency bandwidth layer of glass wool or rock wool can be inserted behind the boards for wider sound absorption.
  • For ceilings where HVAC systems are installed, grids and channels are preferred and for such systems, the wood wool boards are directly inserted into the grids. This has an advantage over screwing as for any maintenance of HVAC fittings the panels can easily be removed and reinstalled.
  • For ceilings wood wool baffles or sound clouds can be suspended using screws on the C-profile system.
  • The surface of wood wool boards can also  be covered by fabric Applying fabric improves the absorption
  • Wood wool boards can be used as a partition wall, and the wall partition can be double-leaf or single-leaf depending upon the requirement.
  •  Wood wool panels can also be spray painted so you can choose from colours that match the rest of the room for a superior interior look.

Installing wood wool acoustic boards is a relatively straightforward process. It can take some time to measure and install the boards, but it will be worth it in the end. With wood wool acoustic boards, you can enjoy the improved sound quality and a more pleasant environment.